Tilt and Turn Windows Are Not All Alike

Tilt and Turn windows certainly have advantages across the board. Because of their in-swinging function, they offer 100% emergency egress, which is much more than their out swing casement windows offer, not to speak of singe and double hung windows. All tilt and turn windows are equipped with a multiple point locking mechanism all around the sash. This makes it possible for these windows to be hurricane rated by simply adding a few locks and changing the glass. Typical American made casement windows have to be completely re-designed for a hurricane rating which, of course, increases the price significantly. However, the locking mechanism all around the sash also has a weakness: A burglar familiar with the system can access one of the locks and move it into the open position. With that movement all locks open, since they move in the same direction. Henselstone's supplier Gayko Fenster und Tueren in Germany has done something about this. Gayko patented the so-called GVS hardware (counter directional locking system) which is unique to Henselstone's tilt and turn windows. The harder you pry, the tighter our windows lock! Check out Henselstone installers trying to open a windows which they were completely familiar with. After 20 minutes and wearing out a wedge, hammer, screw driver and crowbar the window stayed completely intact!