80% of all Window Warranties are Faulty Installation

You might be able to afford the most sophisticated, perhaps also the most expensive windows and doors. They will have all the tests, little or no air infiltration at hurricane strength windows and water resistance that comforts your heart. Your house will be safe from weather - you think... But will it?  

A customer of ours several years ago specified our product in a hurricane area for a house with masonry walls. Perfect for our impact rated tilt and turn windows and French doors. Also perfect for our engineering services, since the architectural plans as well as the actual construction needed quite some problem solving capabilities. Inexplicably, the builder took our engineering solutions to a competitor, defaulted on our signed contract and got the "cheaper" competitor windows. Now, after less than five years, the house is severely damaged because of water penetration through window and door openings. Not only were the cheaper windows substandard, but the installation was flawed. The water is entering the walls through sill plates, headers, and behind the stucco. 

This is just one of thousands of examples where a window and door package fails miserably. This is why Henselstone insists on working with the architects and builders to design a solid water proofing system, consisting on primary and secondary seal, state-of-the-art water proofing materials (such as butyl flashing tapes and memory foam insulation). We might ask the customer to re-design some details to make sure that the water stays where it belongs - on the outside and is properly drained away from the walls. We also supervise the installation or install with our own teams. Our warranty covers the openings not just the windows and doors. That is why our customers can rest easy! They got what they paid for.