Lift and Slide Doors are the Rolls Royce of Sliding Door Technology.

 Can you imagine turning a handle with less than six pounds force to lift a seven foot sash with laminated glass out of its weather stripping? Then moving this 300 pound sash with one finger to the side? Impossible? This is exactly how our Lift and Slide doors work.  The sash moves almost without friction. Contrary to typical sliding glass doors, the Lift and Slide door works flawlessly with large sashes and heavy impact glazing. Henselstone designed, built, and installed an award winning custom 24 foot Lift and Slide Door with impact glass. Instead of fixed sidelights, this door features a French door on either side. The largest Lift and Slide door Henselstone built so far is 32 feet long, 10 feet tall, with four sashes (8 feet each!), of which three slide into the fourth. The door weighs 2,300 lbs but can be operated by the lady of the house. Virtually no friction, virtually no wear and tear, and the largest sashes in the industry.