Three Pillars: Security, Wind, Water and Salt Resistance, Serviceability! 

There are two types of hardware: Internal and external. Our internal hardware consists of ocean front rated, multiple locking systems in windows and doors. All doors feature stainless steel strike plates and hinges. The hinges are three dimensionally adjustable in height, angle and pressure without having to remove the sash.

For external hardware, Henselstone works with a multitude of hardware manufacturers. If a lever exists we will get it, or we will find someone that can make it. Henselstone offers its own line of custom-made handles and levers in dark bronze to provide an alternative to more expensive oil-rubbed bronze products. We specify with our customers style, material, and function and source the hardware, often matching different manufacturers of locks, thumb knobs, window levers, and door handles.

Since our lock boxes and internal hardware are European standard, our products offer themselves for any type of hardware made by manufacturers such as Rocky Mountain, FSB, Hoppe, Colombo, and many others.